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Precipitate works toward climate justice though carbon neutral design, advocacy, and research, in order to create an equitable, collaborative, and regenerative future. We believe that good design should be accessible to all, that it is our responsibility to foster diversity in the architecture profession, and that we can only benefit by doing so. We recognize that a holistic, systems approach is critical to solving complex design challenges and that we achieve more, quicker, through collaboration​.

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Inspired by the social entrepreneurship movement and systems thinking, Precipitate embodies an emerging paradigm in architecture and planning: our built environment is not apart from, but a part of, an interdependent system of relationships between human communities and the ecological world. Traditionally, the construction and operation of buildings and cities have been consumptive of resources, degenerative of ecosystems, and detrimental to the health and wellness of the people inhabiting them. Today, we aspire to create living and resilient environments by designing relationships that are restorative and generative to both occupants and the environment.


Precipitate thrives in a collaborative work environment, where we share our unique strengths and expertise with mutual respect for the knowledge, skills, and perspective of others. We select partners to form diverse teams best suited to the needs of each project. Our integrative approach engages clients, consultants, and stakeholders early in the design process to develop a shared vision for a better-built environment. Precipitate is registered with the State of Minnesota as a Woman-Owned Business and welcomes partnerships with teams to meet targeted business goals.



Precipitate delights in transforming messy and complex problems into simple and elegant solutions. We work with you to prioritize metrics with the greatest capacity to support your goals while keeping the big picture and mutually supportive connections between metrics in mind. Our integrative approach enables us to meet our clients’ programmatic needs and environmental performance goals in a cost-effective manner. Key decisions are made with a full understanding of their impact on project cost, design, and performance. We are proud signatories of the AIA 2030 Commitment.


If sustainability is just an add-on to a standard code building, it will not be cost-effective or ultimately achieve your goals. We help from day one to coordinate and align design, systems, materials, and budget. We ask first what your goals should be, and then how can we best achieve them. We lead a collaborative design process with key workshops that are not only educational but an opportunity for design team members to explore appropriate project-specific solutions. We optimize performance and cost while ensuring an appropriate budget is allocated for all project phases. Ultimately this upfront alignment effort significantly reduces changes and frustrations later on when costs are highest.


We work flexibly between architecture, sustainable design consulting, and campus planning projects. Our work in one area of expertise improves our approach to the other services we offer.


Explore our services and their interrelationships - using the links below.

  • Capital Facilities Planning

  • Facilities Assessment

  • Space Utilization and Space Use Benchmarking and Assessment

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Resilience Planning

  • Carbon Neutrality Planning

  • Energy Modeling

  • Passive House Certification Consulting

  • Net-Zero Feasibility Studies

  • Carbon Neutrality Planning

  • Daylight Analysis

  • Benchmarking for B3 SB2030 and the AIA 2030 Commitment

  • Energy & Water Benchmarking

  • Hygrothermal Modeling

  • Materials Research

  • Programming

  • Predesign

  • Schematic Design

  • Construction Documentation

  • Construction Administration

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