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Minneapolis, MN 2021

Architect & Sustainable Design Consultant

VanBuren Rendering.png

Precipitate is thrilled to be collaborating with Cody Fischer on this sustainable and bike oriented project in the Saint Anthony East Neighborhood. The existing buildings on the site will be deconstructed by the nonprofit by Better Futures Minnesota for salvage and reuse. The new proposed structure for the site is a low carbon footprint, 4-story, roughly 20,000 gross square foot multifamily apartment building containing 23 rental units. It is anticipated that the units will be a mix of 1-bed and 1-bed plus den units. The pet-friendly rental units are designed to be attainably priced at market rate, for individuals and families that desire a transit & bike oriented, low carbon footprint urban lifestyle.


The project includes upgraded indoor bike parking (~1.5 bike parking spaces per unit), cargo-bike parking, a bike cleaning / maintenance area, and pet cleaning station.


The project incorporates ambitious sustainability goals in addition to providing much needed attainably-priced housing in a high demand area with access to excellent transit & bike infrastructure, desirable retail & service amenities and key job centers.

The project will use Passive House design principles, construction techniques and durable low carbon footprint materials to create a draft-free, comfortable, quiet, and healthy environment for residents, while significantly reducing energy consumption and insulating residents from volatile/rising energy costs, energy supply disruptions and extreme weather events.


All heating, cooling, ventilation and appliances will run exclusively on electricity, eliminating the need for natural gas and a dangerous source of indoor air pollution. With insulation and airtightness far exceeding code requirements, ultra-efficient heating, cooling and appliances, and a ~40 kWh roof mounted solar array, the proposed project pushes the envelope on building design for durability, climate resiliency and achieving net-zero carbon emissions.


We look forward to quantifying and sharing embodied and operating emissions reductions.


  • Pursuing PHIUS+ 2018 Certification



  • Developer - Sherman Associates

  • Architect - Kaas Wilson

  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: Cain Thomas Associates

  • Contractor: Frana Construction

  • PHIUS+ Verifier: Center for Energy and the Environment

  • Certified Passive House Consultant: Precipitate

Sustainability Goals

  • Minimum 30% reduction in embodied carbon of building materials

  • Net-zero energy ready 

  • Passive House Certification

Key Sustainability Features

  • 100% Electrified, no natural gas

  • Rooftop solar array

  • Low carbon footprint construction materials

  • Insulation & air tightness far exceeding code requirements

  • Energy Star appliances

  • High efficiency heating, cooling and fresh air systems

  • Enhanced bike amenities

  • Construction durability - Science based design to ensure a 100+ year building

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