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Minneapolis, MN 2022

Enterprise Green Communities Consulting 

Concrete Wall

Precipitate was hired by the City of Saint Paul to serve as the Certified Passive House Consultant for the West Side Flats IIIB, 82 units of affordable housing. The project is PHIUS+ 2018 pre-certified and construction began in the summer of 2020. Precipitate stepped into the project during the Construction Documentation stage, working with Kaas Wilson Architects to gather project information, lead in-person workshops, conduct energy models, and coordinate submission and required revisions with the PHIUS rating organization. We are currently supporting developer Sherman Associates in navigating the construction and final certification process, including modeling change requests.

West Side Flats is now known as Verdant. Find more images, general information, as well as more about Passive House at Verdant.


  • Architect: Design by Melo

  • Developer: Project for Pride in Living

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Steen Engineering.

  • Structural Engineering: WSB

  • SB2030 Consulting: Wildan

  • Sustainability Consulting: Precipitate, PLLC

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