Minneapolis, 2022

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The City of Minneapolis is creating a new Climate Action and Equity Plan that puts people first in our race to save the planet.


In collaboration with Urban Design Perspectives, and the City of Minneapolis Office of Sustainability we will update the 2013 Minneapolis Climate Action Plan to reflect a decade of change and additional planning and community-led efforts. The 2013 Climate Action Plan has been the guiding document for climate policies and action for City enterprise and community-wide, with many programs and policies directed by its vision.

The new plan will be a guide for policy and program design supporting science-based greenhouse gas reduction goals and economic and community benefits associated with clean energy investments. This updated plan will be considered for adoption by City Council in Spring 2023 and will be the policy document that the City will follow for climate action.

The City of Minneapolis has a goal to achieve Net-zero carbon emissions* and improve the daily lives of residents, particularly those most impacted by our changing climate. 

To achieve these goals our work will center deep listening and engagement

with Minneapolis communities. We know we do not have all the answers, and will look to the expertise already in our community to meet these ambitious goals.  


Starting in February 2022, we have hosted listening sessions focused on voices from Black, Indigenous, communities of color, immigrants, older and younger adults, people with disabilities, and under-resourced residents. We will be having similar discussions with City Staff, to better understand the levers for change in the City's structure. 

Our timeline









The People's Climate and Equity Plan

MN350 has created The People's Climate and Equity Plan, is a living document that shares many of our goals. We have met with folks from The People's Climate and Equity Plan and will continue to collaborate and support each other to achieve a healthy city for everyone. 

We want to hear from you

Everyone who lives or works in Minneapolis is invited to participate in the creation of this plan. We are connecting with community through listening sessions, virtual open forums and working groups. To get engaged check out our calendar for more information on listening sessions, and virtual open forums.


Working groups will form in September 2022 around specific topic areas we are defining through these initial listening sessions. Please check out website. 

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  • Urban Design Perspectives

  • City of Minneapolis Office of Sustainabilitu



carbon emissions trap heat in our atmosphere and are mostly caused by heating, cooling, and lighting our buildings appliances, driving, cleaning our water, and disposing of solid waste.