Net-Positive Energy

Conventional buildings "import" all of their energy via gas and power lines, fuel oil, or steam. Net-positive buildings produce more energy through on-site renewable sources than they us, and "export" the excess energy. A building designed to be net-positive upon future installation of on-site renewables may be called “net-positive ready”. There are many benefits to net-positive buildings, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, providing resiliency in the case of networked power outages, an efficient building with reduced operating expenses, and overall increased property value. 


While it is a simple principle, actually creating a net-positive building can be quite complex. Precipitate succeeds at this challenge by employing building information modeling (BIM) technology and an integrative process that engages a diverse team of experts.  

Energy Accounting Site Boundary
Net-Zero Net-Positive Energy Boundary

Affordable housing is a critical need for thriving, sustainable communities, enabling all residents access to a safe and stable place to call home. While public funding for new affordable housing developments often requires enhanced sustainable design, such as Green Co...

The Saint Paul Port Authority set a goal to develop a net-zero energy office-warehouse building by 2020. While employed at LHB, Abby Meuser-Herr served as primary researcher developing an outline and methodology to conduct a feasibility study that would identify "the m...

Precipitate has been hired by Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects of Flint, MI to perform net-zero energy consulting for a new community service center. S&F's non-profit client is committed to being stewards of the people they serve by creating a high performance building t...

Elizabeth was a Research Assistant for the Salovich Zero Plus Campus Design Project at the University of Minnesota from 2010-2011. The project explored the potential for the Campus to become net-positive in terms of energy and water consumption and serve as a living la...

The Campus Resilience Game helps players to quickly understand the benefits of an integrated approach to planning in meeting multiple demands that campuses face while being resilient to unknown events. It is conducted as a workshop on campuses, and our team has present...

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Source: A Common Definition for Zero Energy Buildings, US DOE, 09/2015