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Edina, MN 2017

Facade Design Services



Manor Homes of Edina is an established community of 144 condominium units grouped in 4- and 8-unit townhomes built in the early 1980s. The original architect's intent was for a cohesive neighborhood of traditional Tudor-style homes and detached garages. In the 1990s the buildings were re-clad with vinyl siding which was recently discovered to have been installed incorrectly permitting infiltration of water into the wall cavities. The homes also lack sufficient insulation and an air-tight building envelope which has resulted in instances of frozen pipes and general draftiness. The condo association desired to not only correct the thermal and moisture deficiencies but also create a fresh and unified aesthetic for the neighborhood.

In this first phase, the condo association hired Precipitate to conduct a visioning and redesign of the townhome exteriors to establish a budget and gather resident input and buy-in. The scope of the redesign includes minor modifications to the rooflines, new exterior lighting, reconstructing the outer wall to include adequate thermal and air barriers, and replacing the vinyl siding and wood trim. Precipitate has recommended LP Smartside, a non-toxic compressed wood fiber product with superior durability compared to vinyl and fiber-cement products.

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