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Mimi Vo


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Mimi uses she/her pronouns. She loves trying new recipes, baking, listening to crime podcasts, and binging shows.

Mimi is a designer who is interested in creating thoughtful and beautiful solutions in our everyday spaces with a consciousness towards sustainable design strategies and their impact in the role of building.  She is motivated to create design which connects the users to the purpose and create community outreach, while improving quality of life with sustainable practice.


Mimi graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2022 with a Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Design in Architecture. Her thesis centered around connecting the community to the workers and using Sefaira energy modeling to be conscious of design decisions to improve energy consumption. She was involved in the American Institute of Architecture Students national convention in Texas and the sister organization Freedom by Design. During her involvement at Freedom by Design as a creator and PR/Historian. She used the social media platform to spread the mission and document the work they were doing to design and create musical playground equipment for Karner Blue, a school specializing in education for disabled children. 

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