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our story

Precipitate was founded to accelerate the architecture profession's response to the climate crisis. We invest in our people to stay at the forefront of research, design, and advocacy around climate justice so that we can bring that expertise to our clients and colleagues. Precipitate is shifting the paradigm of architectural practice towards integrative and inclusive design processes that lead to holistic and regenerative design outcomes. We are changemakers forging a path for climate action in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry, and our communities.


We believe that in order to design healthy buildings and communities, we must prioritize the health and well-being of our people. We are amazed at how much more productive we can be when we are able to bring our full selves to work, pour our passions into our projects, and support one another in a strong community of diverse perspectives, a brave space for new ideas. We see our clients as part of our creative community and thrive when we are collaborating and learning from one another in the pursuit of cost-effective, creative design solutions to the climate crisis.

our team

Headshot_Elizabeth Turner_Precipitate.png

Elizabeth is an architect with a passion for finding synergies to create thriving, equitable communities that depend less on the purchase of energy, saving both operational costs and carbon emissions. She founded Precipitate in 2017 to explore emerging methods of holistically integrated design at the intersection of architecture, research, and education.

Elizabeth Turner, AIA

Architect & Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC)


Brandon has spent the last 11 years at a Fortune 50 company wearing numerous hats and developing a passion for team and process. He is driven to apply his financial experience to elevate what the team at Precipitate can deliver for its clients. In addition to short and long-range financial planning, he leads continuous improvement on project management and team development initiatives. Brandon encourages the team to think big, define our 'why,' and focus our work on what creates the most impact.

Brandon Turner 

Chief Financial Officer ​

Nhu Mimi Vo_r1_9672.jpg

Mimi graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2022 with a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Design in Architecture. She is a designer interested in creating thoughtful and beautiful solutions for our everyday spaces with a consciousness towards sustainable design strategies. She is motivated by designs that connect the users to the purpose and support community outreach while improving quality of life with sustainable practice.

Mimi Vo 

Sustainable Designer

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