Beyond Zero | A Cost Effective Approach to Developing a Net-Positive Energy Warehouse*

August 4, 2018

The Saint Paul Port Authority set a goal to develop a net-zero energy office-warehouse building by 2020. While employed at LHB, Abby Meuser-Herr served as primary researcher developing an outline and methodology to conduct a feasibility study that would identify "the most probable path to building a net-zero energy warehouse” to assist the Port Authority in achieving this goal. The resulting report answers this question through four sections: a high performance Design Guide specific to office-warehouse buildings in Minnesota, a prototypical concept building design, a concept design pricing exercise conducted by project partner RJ Ryan Construction, and an analysis summarizing the most cost-effective approach to developing a net-zero energy office-warehouse building. As the Port Authority seeks potential partners, they have insight into the costs, benefits, and payback associated with developing a net-zero energy project. Following an integrative process, this study benefited from the insight and expertise of a diverse team of building professionals, owners, and operators. 


*Work completed while employed at LHB, Inc.

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