Precipitate is proud to announce that we are working with a highly integrated project team to certify two buildings to PHIUS+ 2018, and energy model two more, within the Bayview Townhouse development. The Bayview Townhomes are a Section 8 affordable housing community development project in Madison, Wisconsin. The project boasts 130 total units, 120 of which are affordable. Bayview emphasizes the importance of community support and social justice through housing design, by providing community services like youth programming, adult/senior programming, early childhood services, and community event planning. Bayview is committed to determining the most financially equitable design plan possible, through community engagement in decision-making.

Image Credit: The Kubala Washatko Architects

Precipitate conducted early-phase energy modeling on an apartment, two townhome groups, and a community center using passive building tools to evaluate the potential for cost-effective energy savings in three radically different building types. Our work helps inform the design process for the two certified buildings, and a series of passive building workshops with the integrated design team aims to help us achieve optimal efficiency and cost reduction in climate zone 5a.

Image Credit: The Kubala Washatko Architects

Precipitate is thrilled to support a project that prioritizes the voices and the well-being of the community. Bayview is an excellent example of how the built environment can support resiliency, culture, and community. Bayview has its own model to achieve this (The Bayview Model) which is made up of three parts- Community Center, Affordable Housing, and Art & Placemaking. The Community Center serves as a hub for education, recreation, and employment. It is used by 75% of Bayview residents!

Image Credit: The Kubala Washatko Architects

Bayview is home to a diverse population of residents and is proud to offer all of its residents financial stability through Equal Opportunity Housing, which ensures equal access to housing of choice. The final component of the Bayview Model is Art & Placemaking that uplifts the voices of residents, nurtures relationships between the diverse population at Bayview, and highlights the important relationship between co-creating and social change. Bayview raises the bar for how the built environment can serve families from all walks of life. Precipitate is proud to be a part of this wonderful project, and looks forward to working on more projects like Bayview!

Project Team

  • Client: Bayview Foundation, Inc.

  • Developer: Horizon Develop Build Manage

  • Architect: The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Design Engineers

  • Landscape and Civil Engineering: SRF Consulting Group, Inc.

  • PHIUS+ Verifiers: Eco Achievers

  • Sustainability Consultant: Slipstream, Inc.

  • Certified Passive House Consultant: Precipitate, PLLC

In the News

Low-income residents help shape what could be one of the coolest places to live in Madison, Wisconsin State Journal, 2021.04.25