Bayview Townhome Replacement

Precipitate is working with a highly integrated project team to certify two buildings to PHIUS+ 2018, and energy model two more, within a large affordable housing community development. We conducted early-phase energy modeling on an apartment, two townhome groups and a community center using passive building tools to evaluate the potential for cost-effective energy savings in three radically different building types. Our work helps inform the design process for the two certified buildings, and a series of passive building workshops with the integrated design team to break down results aims to achieve optimal efficiency and cost reduction in climate zone 5.

Project Team

  • Client: Bayview Foundation, Inc.

  • Developer: Horizon Develop Build Manage

  • Architect: The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Design Engineers

  • Landscape and Civil Engineering: SRF Consulting Group, Inc.

  • Structural Engineering: TBD

  • PHIUS+ Verifiers: Eco Achievers

  • Sustainability Consultant: Slipstream, Inc.

  • Certified Passive House Consultant: Precipitate, PLLC