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Hook & Ladder in the News

Recently, Hook & Ladder appeared in an article on Finance & Commerce a Minnesota news source. The article titled, "Climate concerns expected to spur heat pump sales" (Jossi 2022) highlights the important role air source heat pumps (ASHPs) will play in reducing natural gas and propane fuel use. The article features Hook & Ladder a project that Precipitate served as the Certified Passive House Consultant on and one of only a few bigger apartment complexes that uses ASHPs for heating and cooling (Check out more about Hook & Ladder on Precipitate's website here). The article also features Abby Meuser - Herr, a certified passive house consultant and member of the Precipitate team. Over winter break Abby was interviewed by Frank Jossi, a local sustainability columnist for this article. Abby emphasized how passive building envelopes combined with ASHPs can further improve efficiency. Overall, the article explores the clean energy landscape in Minnesota featuring other voices from Fresh Energy and the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) all highlighting the role ASHPs play in improving efficiency, lowering the costs to heat and cool buildings in the state, and combating fossil fuel emissions in the long run. This article is definitely worth the read, check it out with this link "Climate concerns expected to spur heat pump sales"


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