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  ◦  Passive House Certification Consulting

  ◦  Energy & Water Benchmarking

  ◦  Energy Modeling

  ◦  Daylight Analysis

  ◦  Net-Positive Energy Feasibility Studies

  ◦  Benchmarking for B3 SB2030 and the AIA   ◦  2030 Commitment

  ◦  Carbon Neutrality Planning

  ◦  Hygrothermal Modeling

  ◦  Materials Research


  ◦  Passive House (PHIUS+ 2015, PHIUS+           2018)


  ◦  RELi

  ◦  Living Building Challenge

  ◦  SB2030 / B3 Guidelines

Regenerative Design Planning Tool

We bring experience with a wide range of rating and design frameworks that support sustainable, resilient, and regenerative design. We use them as frameworks to guide our work, regardless of whether a project is pursing certification. Common themes can be found across all frameworks, which we have illustrated in our regenerative planning tool below.


We measure the planned impact of our designs' with metrics. Some metrics are visible (water, daylight, materials, waste, landscape), some seem ephemeral but are measurable (energy, carbon), and some are critical but difficult to quantify (equity, beauty, resilience). We work with our clients to set goals ranging from standard building practices that are exploitative, to ambitious regenerative and resilient practices. We realize that not all projects can achieve regenerative status in all categories, so we identify areas of focus that are feasible and priorities that are most impactful to the specific context of each project: place, people, institutional structure, resources, and economic models.


  ◦  Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects, Flint MI

  ◦  LHB, Minneapolis, MN

  ◦  St. Paul Port Authority, St. Paul MN*

  ◦  Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood Housing             Services, St. Paul MN*

  ◦  Seward Co-op, Minneapolis, MN*

* Work completed while employed by LHB, Inc.

Elizabeth was honored to present What to Expect when pursuing Passive House at the Twelfth Annual MN ASHRAE/AEE Energy Expo along with Chloe Bendistis of The Sheward Partnership. They shared two case studies of projects that had pursued PHIUS+ 2015 certification. Chloe...

Affordable housing is a critical need for thriving, sustainable communities, enabling all residents access to a safe and stable place to call home. While public funding for new affordable housing developments often requires enhanced sustainable design, such as Green Co...

The Saint Paul Port Authority set a goal to develop a net-zero energy office-warehouse building by 2020. While employed at LHB, Abby Meuser-Herr served as primary researcher developing an outline and methodology to conduct a feasibility study that would identify "the m...

The Macalester College Sustainability Advisory Committee is celebrating ten years of campus sustainability leadership! The College has ambitious environmental goals, including Climate Neutrality by 2025 and Zero Waste by 2020.

This summer Elizabeth attended a workshop on Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and several local colleges. The following is a reflection on her...

After working together on the Passive House pre-certified Hook & Ladder project, a multifamily housing development in NE Minneapolis, Precipitate's Elizabeth Turner and Steen's own mechanical engineer John Hazucha spent a lunch hour sharing their experience w...

Precipitate has been hired by Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects of Flint, MI to perform net-zero energy consulting for a new community service center. S&F's non-profit client is committed to being stewards of the people they serve by creating a high performance building t...

Four practices impacting campus carbon neutrality are increasingly common at Colleges and Universities in the United States: faculty and students are engaging in hands-on sustainability curriculum, facilities personnel are analyzing campus energy consumption data, admi...

The Campus Resilience Game helps players to quickly understand the benefits of an integrated approach to planning in meeting multiple demands that campuses face while being resilient to unknown events. It is conducted as a workshop on campuses, and our team has present...

Hook & Ladder Apartments will provide 118 units of affordable housing in Northeast Minneapolis in two buildings, one of which is Passive House (PHIUS+ 2015) pre-certified, the other is standard affordable housing construction. Upgrades to the PHIUS building include enh...

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