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Minneapolis, MN 2021

Architect & Certified Passive House Consultant

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Precipitate has the humbling opportunity to work with incredible clients that share our vision of melding good design, affordable homes, and Passive House efficiency. The Tilt-Turn Cube House is a Minneapolis Homes collaboration between Precipitate and an established affordable housing developer. Two of these smartly designed, Certified Passive Homes will begin construction in 2022 and be made available for families at a long-term affordable price.


The Tilt-Turn concept is designed so that floorplans and most design elements can stay the same and be properly oriented to the sun, with only the porch and entry changing to respond to the lot layout.

High Performance Elements

  • Simple Massing

  • Consolidated efficient floor plan

  • Glazing and shading elements optimized for passive heating, cooling, daylight, and views

  • Triple-pane windows

  • R40+ walls, R60+ roof, R-25+ slab

  • Air-tight construction

  • Heat recovery

  • Cold climate heat pump

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