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Amery, WI  2021

Architect & Certified Passive House Consultant

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When our client purchased a lot along a watershed in Wisconsin, he knew he wanted it to be highly efficient, extraordinarily comfortable, and able to flexibly host gatherings of friends from afar. He hired Precipitate to bring the dream to life - a clandestine home-away-from-home at the intersection of peak efficiency, beautiful architecture, and affordable modern living.

With affordability in mind, Precipitate engaged the local building community to find a partner excited about building efficiently on a sensitive site. Panelized construction and careful siting will minimize site disturbance while paying mind to significant existing trees, delicate ferns and other forest flora. Engaging with builders early to cost-optimize this high performance design is a unique approach, and tells us if we are on track from an efficiency and budget perspective or whether we need to change course. The project is currently in Design Development and will begin construction officially in 2022.

High Performance Elements

  • Simple Massing

  • Passive solar orientation

  • Glazing and shading elements optimized for passive heating, cooling, daylight, and views

  • Triple-pane windows

  • R40+ walls and R60+ roof

  • Air-tight construction

  • Heat recovery

  • Cold climate heat pump

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