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Our work is climate action. Through architecture, consulting, and education, Precipitate's multi-pronged approach enables us to broaden our response and therefore impact on the climate crisis.


ARCHITECTURE By practicing high performance design we are honing our skills, staying ahead of industry trends, and demonstrating that beautiful cost-conscious net-zero buildings are a viable solution. We love taking on design projects at any scale that are seeking to radically minimize their climate impact and allow us to put our research into practice.


CONSULTING Passive house consulting engages us on complex projects, where we  guide  project teams through an integrative process employing energy modeling and best practices to cost-effectively develop a high performance building. We invest in software and building science training to bring to development teams, so they can focus on what they do best. We also enjoy assisting project teams through other sustainable rating systems like LEED and B3.


EDUCATION Teaching and research enables us to reflect and place our design work in a larger context so we know we are moving forward in the right directions. Partnerships and grants have, for example, led to the knowledge that passive building strategies lead to a 65% - 80% energy savings for a 5%-15% premium in construction costs. Our advocacy on climate policy is a natural extension of our education work with an audience of policy makers and potential for large impact.

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