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Madison, WI 2020

Certified Passive House Consultant

Bayview Zoomed Out.png

Precipitate is supporting the Bayview Foundation in achieving PHIUS+ 2018 certification for new townhomes and a community center within a large affordable housing community development.

Early modeling found that the initial townhome selection on site did not receive enough sun to cost-effectively meet passive standards, so we worked to select a different townhome with better solar access and collaborated with the architect to modify the design to more efficiently meet certification targets. A series of passive building workshops with the integrated design team was critical to achieving optimal efficiency and cost reduction for both first costs and ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

As Bayview Foundation rebuilds a city block to replace and add affordable housing, a community center will provide centralized services and community building for residents and the surrounding neighborhood. Precipitate was hired by the Bayview Foundation to collaborate with COTE Top Ten award-winning architects, TKWA, to explore optimal paths toward PHIUS+ 2018 certification. Working with the commercial PHIUS framework requires careful consideration of internal heat gain balanced with appropriate window performance values and shading and heat gain/losses from windows.

Precipitate is thrilled to support a project that prioritizes the voices and the well-being of the community. Bayview is an excellent example of how the built environment can support resiliency, culture, and community. Bayview has its own model to achieve this (The Bayview Model) which is made up of three parts- Community Center, Affordable Housing, and Art & Placemaking. The Community Center serves as a hub for education, recreation, and employment, and it is used by 75% of Bayview residents!

As a home to a diverse population of residents Bayview is proud to offer all of its residents financial stability through Equal Opportunity Housing, which ensures equal access to housing of choice. The final component of the Bayview Model is Art & Placemaking that uplifts the voices of residents, nurtures relationships between the diverse population at Bayview, and highlights the important relationship between co-creating and social change. Bayview raises the bar for how the built environment can serve families from all walks of life. Precipitate is proud to be a part of this wonderful project, and looks forward to working on more projects like Bayview!


  • PHIUS+ 2018 Design Certification


Image Credit: The Kubala Washatko Architects

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