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Minneapolis, 2023

Sustainability Consulting Services 


In collaboration with Urban Design Perspectives, Precipitate worked with the City of Minneapolis Office of Sustainability to develop a Climate Equity Plan that puts people first in our race to save the planet.

The City of Minneapolis has a goal to achieve Net-zero carbon emissions* and improve the daily lives of residents, particularly those most impacted by our changing climate. The new plan will be a guide for policy and program design supporting science-based greenhouse gas reduction goals and economic and community benefits associated with clean energy investments. This updated plan is currently being considered by City Council and will be the policy document that the City will follow for climate action.

Our work centered deep listening and engagement with Minneapolis communities. We know we do not have all the answers, and look to the expertise already in our community to meet the ambitious goals in the Climate Equity Plan. Starting in February 2022, we hosted listening sessions focused on voices from Black, Indigenous, communities of color, immigrants, older and younger adults, people with disabilities, and under-resourced residents. We also engaged with City Staff to better understand the levers for change in the City's structure. Open forums, tabling at community events, and an online survey rounded out our listening sessions.


Working groups formed in September 2022 around specific topic areas that were identified through these initial listening sessions. The working groups defined10 smaller plans that combine into a community-wide plan including:

  • Healthy and Energy Efficient Homes and Apartments 

  • Cleaner Indoor and Outdoor Air 

  • Carbon-Free Transportation and Walkable Streets 

  • Greenspace and Trees 

  • Green Businesses & Workforce Opportunities 

  • Clean Water 

  • Green Buildings and Industry 

  • Zero Waste Circular Economy 

  • Net Zero Carbon City Operations 

  • Carbon Free Energy Systems


Please check out the city website to read the final version of the Climate Equity Plan.  



carbon emissions trap heat in our atmosphere and are mostly caused by heating, cooling, and lighting our buildings appliances, driving, cleaning our water, and disposing of solid waste. 

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