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Milaca, MN 2017

Architect & Certified Passive House Consultant

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Precipitate worked with young farmers to design their dream home, connected to their land and open and welcoming to visitors while preserving privacy and sanctuary. Our process included visiting their farm for dinner and design discussion, ultimately leading to a document that outlined their vision and goals for the project. We then created three floorplans that met the design criteria, combining the best of these plans into one final design. When an opportunity arose to obtain free existing windows, we created a window pattern that made use of these windows, best captured southern sunlight and was aesthetically pleasing. While they ultimately made the decision to live in a tiny home for the first phase of their life on the farm, the visioning process we had gone through meant they were able to make quick decisions as a couple and get into their new home by winter as their goals and preference were clear. We hope to work with them to build their home in the future!

High Performance Elements

  • Simple Massing

  • Consolidated efficient floor plan

  • Southern passive solar orientation

  • Materials reuse

  • Continuous super insulation and air sealing

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