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I am incredibly grateful for the many conversations, words of advice, and encouragement I have received in setting up Precipitate. I am fortunate and humbled by the mentors, allies, and friends who have been supportive on this journey. And I've written a lot of thank you notes recently in response.

I've never been great at writing thank you notes. They feel cheesy and never truly capture my gratitude. At the same time, I love sketching but don't allow myself to take the time to do it. Then, a friend had the brilliant idea to purchase blank notecards and sketch on the front of every card I send, and the process has been joyful and more meaningful.

I appreciate the way sketching forces me to slow down, see the world more deeply, and meditate on the joy and humility I feel because of someone who has taken the time to meet with me. A few of my favorites are below. They're not perfect, but neither am I. And I'm learning to be OK with that as I focus on what matters more: expressing gratitude.

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