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Sustainable Communities Teaching

Elizabeth teaches the capstone course for the Sustainability Studies minor at the University of Minnesota, SUST4004: Sustainable Communties, with Amir Nadav. She lectures on systems thinking, resilience, and design thinking, and coaches students on how to work effectively in groups with community partners on real projects that enhance the sustainability of their communities. Select student work is presented here.

In 2018, groups designed a Living Lab for the UMN St. Paul campus, developed strategies for engaging students in campus sustainability efforts, recommended public policy changes to support sustainable, affordable housing, and explored enhancing the St. Paul EcoDistrict.

Living Lab Proposal

Dylan Carden, Josué Garcia, Lauren Post, Kenna Ryan, and Adam Schellberg

In 2017, students worked with University staff to understand current carbon emissions and explore three potential pathways toward carbon neutrality.

Carbon Neutrality: Transportation

Travel mode distributions between students, staff, and faculty

Rachel Dexheimer, Peter Mahin, Hilda Rodriguez

Carbon Neutrality: Electricity

Thu Nguyen, Louis Rouffuad, Pitcher Seagrist, Javkhlan Nyamjav

Carbon Neutrality: St. Paul Campus

Flow Diagram of Energy on St. Paul Campus, 2016

Jacob Schaffer, Maggie Krantz, Lucy Dolinsky, Christina Vang, Luke Natzke

St. Paul Campus Energy Flow, 2016
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