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Precipitate Awarded CERTs SEED Grant

In collaboration with the Northfield Community Action Center (CAC), Precipitate was recently awarded a SEED Grant from Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) to connect with residents of Hillcrest Village, a series of affordable rental units and townhomes developed by the Community Action Center of Northfield (CAC) to support low-income people in need of stable housing. This population has been and remains severely underserved, more highly impacted by climate change, and left out of conversations about climate justice solutions. Precipitate and CAC will collaborate to inform future affordable housing based on the experiences and perspectives of the Hillcrest Village residents.

74 projects were awarded CERTs 2022 SEED grants, double the amount of projects as the last round. The projects awarded this year cover a wide variety of energy projects from building efficiency to job training to prepare folks for a career in clean energy.

Check out more about the CERTs SEED Grant and this year's recipients!


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