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Construction Progress

On a snowy February day, the Hook & Ladder team gathered to tour the construction progress of the building, which has been pre-certified as compliant with PHIUS+ 2015 standards. Read more about the project here. The project PHIUS+ Verifiers, Lindsey from EcoAchievers and Phil and Jake from CEE, were on-site to take progress photos, confirm the building is being built according to plans, and identify any potential issues that might limit the project's ability to achieve certification upon completion.

Passive Hook & Ladder Building under construction

The foundation and precast first floor are in place and the wall panels are going up! These panels are prefabricated with 2x stud walls, exterior rigid polyisocyanurate insulation boards, and plywood. Once the building is weather tight, the 2x walls will be filled with additional insulation. Openings are ready and waiting for triple-pane windows.

Typical Column
Thermally broken column

Notice the difference? The column on the left is a typical column supporting the precast planking of the second floor. It is within the thermal envelope and therefore doesn't need a thermal break. The column on right is located between the unheated tuck-under parking and units above and therefore has a slightly thicker pad that serves as a thermal break, reducing the ability of the outside air temperatures in the tuck-under parking from impacting the units above.

Stay tuned for future project updates!

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