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verdant blower door test a success!

The Verdant (formerly known as West Side Flats IIIB) project team gathered to observe the final blower door test for the project. We were delighted to learn that the building passed with flying colors, nearly half the limit required for Phius certification!

A blower door test is a crucial step in any high performance building project, ensuring that the project is meeting stringent airtightness requirements that will save energy and make the building envelope more durable for years to come. This is particularly true for a Phius-certified project, as it is the final performance check that enables certification and is only assured once the building is complete, depending on excellent, continuous air barrier details from the design team and diligent execution by the construction team.

Rather than rely on fresh air to come through leaky walls, passive buildings provide continuous fresh air through energy recovery ventilators.

As the first residents move in to Verdant, we are excited to hear about their experience living in such an airtight building!

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